Friday, August 31, 2001

One idea that I have been fixated on lately is accountability. Why do so many people entrust their happiness and security to others? I fail to understand this. I personally try to place all responsibility for my own happiness, misery, self-esteem, mistakes and success on myself. This way, I can be in control and do not spend my time wondering what the hell happened to me. I do, however, understand that one cannot control random acts like getting hit by cars (uhhh...bad) or surprised with gifts (ummm...good).

I think this whole accountability thing started when I was dating a woman that spent a lot of time saying things like, "Why did this have to happen to meeeee?," and "Why? Why? Why?" This was very hard for me because I personally don't think about such things. I think time is better spent facing life and rolling with the punches.

Looking back at my childhood, I think I learned to be this way very early in my development. When I was 13, my parents shipped me to rehab because my mouth kept getting me in trouble and my school blamed drugs and alcohol. I had just moved to Pittsburgh a year or so before being sent to rehab, and spent a lot of time trying to latch on with the "cool kids" by drinking too much and buying crap weed to share. Unfortunately for me, this did not help my case much when it came to the administrators.

Anyway, I will spare you the details of rehab, but I ended up going twice. The first time, I was way too young and should not have been there. When I left and tried to stay sober, everyone called me a narc in school. It sucked. So, like a good troublemaker trying to understand his lot in life, I partied my brains out in order to justify being called a teenage alcoholic. Whatever. It did not help. I was shipped off for a second tour of Reagan era Just Say No films and meetings.

To make a long story short, one day I woke up and decided my life totally sucked. Megan Titchworth, a super pretty and "cool" girl, would not date me because I couldn't go to parties. In retrospect, she sucked, but at the time it was pure misery. So, at the age of 16, I walked downstairs and told my family I was going to take my life in my own hands and be accountable for my actions. If I wanted a beer or to go to a party, I was going to do it. I would be accountable and decided to quit blaming my parents, the cool kids, Reagan, the rehabs counselors, and everyone else for my stupid problems. Now I feel great!

This takes me back to the accountability issue. You might have seen the news story about the woman in Seattle that was ready to jump from a building. There was a lot of traffic and cars were blocked from the area. I guess the folks started yelling, "do it" and pro-jump stuff like that. So, she did. Ok, now I can feel sympathy for her plight, but why is everyone crucifying the commuters that yelled, "jump?" What did they do? Dump her so she would climb a building? Fire her so she would climb a building? I don't think so. The commuters are not required to have sympathy for someone that would want to take their life like that (especially since they are trying to do something about their keep it). I am appalled by the fact that people would encourage suicide, but it is more appalling to me to blame them for her jump. We have a new epidemic. It's called involuntary suicide. Ok, you can hate me now.
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